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Four Colonies
This small map supports 4 Human players (The four colonies)and a AI opponent as well. The players are randomized every time but the monsters & artifacts stay the same. Even though this map size makes everything extremely close together I have still found it to be great fun. Enjoy!
City Squares
A map with 6 players, a fair amount of all land objects and terrains. It changes every time you play with random enemies, artifacts & roaming monsters. I hope you enjoy it!
This map supports 6 Human players on a large plain of grass with very little water. Have fun.
Rebellion Crush
This map supports two players. In single player mode it is an all out battle and in multiplayer a cooperative to defeat the purple armies that are revolting against Granton. *Note : The bridge to the north does not work. I did this on PURPOSE so please do not mail me complaining that you can't get across. There is a land bridge in the south.*
This map supports 6 Human players on a vast streach of land with no water. This level is fairly large & fairly difficult. Try it out!